Development of Ag Bee Box®

From the point of view of the functionality and ease of application of the various apicultural manipulations that was found that the 8 and 10 Hoffman (Standard) frames witch are the most suitable for Greece *.

The Langstroth type cell has fixed dimensions and must be followed as a standard and followed by all honeycomb manufacturers. The deviations from these dimensions have only created problems and we believe that they were made out of ignorance and not by intent. However, in order to put an end to this evil, all actors involved in beekeeping must adhere to the standard of standards with religious reverence.

The dimensions of all sections of the 10-frame Langstroth type cell as originally introduced in Greece and adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture and used by most countries in the world are detailed below. The outer dimensions of the cell may vary by several millimeters if this is considered necessary for technical reasons. What is to be respected with “religious devotion” is the internal dimensions and the frame to ensure the bee’s space (6-9mm).

Demanding modern beekeeping require the existence of a mobile base because the beekeeping operations are greatly facilitated (floor reversal, bottom cleaning, control of the embryo chamber for single-stranded single-stranded basal cells etc.). The existence of different types of fasteners ensures the stability of the hive during transport.

The Ag Bee Box®

After years of study and testing, we have designed the AG Bee Box® cells by experimenting with the actual needs of the modern beekeeper. The growing demands of the beehiving industry coupled with the tradition of beekeeping have been the incentives for implementing the hive of the future.

Our hives are made from composite materials and meet all the modern beekeeping standards. Particular gravity has given us the simplicity of construction without depriving us of functionality and performance. They can be fully adapted to future beekeeping needs, making changes always keeping their performance and functionality stable.

The Ag Bee Box® cell offers greater security for the resident population, helping to grow its production faster than traditional wooden hives.

Ventilated base with two entrances. Unique in its kind.

It is now easy to separate the Ag Bee Box® cell into separate pentasks with different inputs for each segment.

The floors are snapped and they do not let the water and wind come in from the engraving. They make it even easier to place the floor and do not require the use of keys. Insertion of scraper at four points.

Ag Bee Box® without a burner but with simple kitchen cleaners and caustic potash.

Design innovation with a dual-use cap for winter and summer, with padded driver and belt secured.Video.

All Ag Bee Box® hives have a guide to place under the mesh, a surface drawer for Varroa control and cold protection in areas where winter is heavy.

Each of our hives has built-in ergonomic handles on all sides of the floor. Feature that now makes their transfer and maintenance a game changer.

The Ag Bee Box® cells do not replace your existing equipment. They offer the possibility of placing above or below the conventional cells as a collector floor, with great stability due to the internal-extrusion in the dimensions of the conventional cells.

Vents with ventilation holes when reversed for transport.

Easy to assemble and space saving management.

Saving money by reducing cell maintenance costs as it is NOT REPLACED WHEN THE KYPSELI IS REALLY REPLACED but ONLY the destroyed part of it.

*= Paschalis Harizanis, Dimitrios Lazarakis – Agricultural University of Athens